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nRelate drives a finely-tuned Discovery experience that connects engaged readers with premium content on any device. Our ‘big picture’ approach to monetization honors brand integrity, builds audience trust, and puts Publishers in the driver’s seat with the best quality control over content around.

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After numerous rounds of tests with all three leaders in the market, nRelate, Outbrain, and Taboola, we chose nRelate. nRelate had higher RPMs, offered more transparency, and better service overall.

— Ajay


Your plugin is amazing! I had tried other plugins before and found I could never get them to work. Your plugin is easy and looks great.

— Allen


This is the best related content plugin I’ve ever used.

— Steve Bruner


nRelate in the News


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Can This Tool Help Publishers Finally Take Control of Content Recommendation Engines?

nRelate CEO Neil Mody is the first to admit that content recommendation software has its problems. “A lot of the recommendations are kind of head-scratching,” Mody said in an interview with Contently. “You’re left wondering, ‘Why are these here? What’s going on?’”


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Saving Content Recommendation From A Click Bait Fate

It goes something like this: While scrolling through the latest coverage on Syria, or doing research on a work project, you reach the end of an article, only to be greeted with the latest tabloid news about Kim Kardashian.


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Can nRelate Cut Down the Noise in Web Content Recommendations?

“Click bait” runs rampant on some Web pages these days, much the way ads cover paper placemats at some diners.