Using the nRelate Widget

Just like all WordPress widgets, the nRelate widget is simple to use.  Just drag it over to the widget area you want and press SAVE.  Settings for the widget are configured on the standard nRelate settings page.

A common question is: How can I have the nRelate widget only show up in my sidebar (or any widget area) and not under posts?

  1. Go to the nRelate settings page.
  2. Scroll down the the LAYOUT SETTINGS area.
  3. Under “Which pages should display related content?“, check all the boxes where you want nrelate to display.  The widget will only show up on the page(s) you check, this way you can easily target the areas of your website to display nRelate.
  4. Also under LAYOUT SETTINGS, make sure both “Automatic” layout settings (“Top of post” and “Bottom of post” ) are UNchecked. Leaving them checked will automatically add nRelate to your posts.
  5. Press SAVE CHANGES, and that’s it!

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