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Whether you’re a first time blogger or a media powerhouse, nRelate’s product suite is all about connecting actively engaged audiences with the perfect article, feature story, blog post or video—at just the right time.

Tools of the Trade

Related Content

What it is:

As a visitor finishes enjoying your content, they’re often ready for the next thing. This fully customizable unit suggests what that “next thing” should be, and does so by putting your below-the-fold real estate to work.

How it works:

Based on factors like where a visitor came from and what they’ve just consumed, as well as a proprietary relevancy scoring algorithm, our technology generates personalized content recommendations from within your site, a partner site, or from one of our many Marketers.

What you get:

  • Immediate lift in page views (average 8%)
  • Lowered bounce rate
  • Complete and total control and customization of unit
  • Traffic optimization to specific pages or channels
  • Transparency in reporting
  • New revenue stream via sponsored content


What it is:

A related content recommendation unit specifically created for publishers without a pixel to spare.

How it works:

Invisible at first glance, the flyout appears as visitors scroll down your page, sliding onto the screen and capturing their attention with a content recommendation.

What you get:

  • Boost page views and earn revenue from sponsored content—without shuffling a single pixel.

Most Popular

What it is:

A unit designed to showcase what’s trending on your site at any given moment for whatever time period you choose.

How it works:

Dynamically surfaces your most-trafficked pages to showcase any content that is gaining traction.

What you get:

  • An easy way to give readers your most engaging content
  • New revenue stream via sponsored content
  • A widget that blends in with your site’s layout and design

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