“If you build it,
they will come.”

Not quite.

You get it. You see content as a critical consumer touch point. You understand the value in  “thinking like a newsroom.” Your team is investing the necessary time, resources, and talent to produce high-quality content.

But who will see it?

nRelate surfaces your content in a useful and relevant way across some of the most popular and trusted sites on the web.

Why nRelate?

Tap into the whopping 76 percent of Internet users who click on “related stories” after finishing an article.

(check out our research here)

Get in on the fastest growing network of its kind, serving up 4 billion impressions across 100,000 publishers to 500 million unique readers

Target verticals like Sports, Technology, Gaming, Entertainment, Home & Garden, and Fashion

Glean insights into what content is most compelling for your target audiences

Enjoy a risk-free pay-per-click model. Set your own price and only pay for the clicks you receive.

Get Found Here

Want to grow reader engagement and revenue?

Look no further

nRelate in the News


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